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Privacy policy

Enroush, referred to as "we," "our," or "us" moving forward, is fully dedicated to safeguarding our customers' privacy. We're readily available to address any inquiries regarding how we handle, utilize, and disseminate the personal details you provide to us or that we collect through other means. Should you have any unresolved questions or concerns after reading this document, please reach out to us at

Utilization of Your Data

Your data is exclusively utilized to fulfill your order and to dispatch curated emails regarding promotions that may pique your interest. Your information is not marketed to external entities and is exclusively shared with our dependable affiliates who contribute to your experience. Safeguarding your personal information against unauthorized third-party access falls under our purview. The information we gather from you excludes any credit card details.

Collection of Your Data

Our website gathers both personal and aggregate information from all individuals interacting with our site, regardless of user registration status. Your information is kept with a high regard for privacy and security. Adherence to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards is a cornerstone of our operations, ensuring regular vulnerability assessments of our IP addresses to prevent unauthorized access, and we utilize Secure Socket Layers (SSLs) to encrypt your data during login and payment processes.

Required Personal Information

We request the following personal information from our registered users:

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Contact Number

  • Billing Address

  • Shipping Address(es)

Be assured that we do not store, sell, lease, rent, or distribute any credit card details provided by you. This data remains inaccessible even to our employees. Your credit card transactions are processed by reputable, certified partners tasked with maintaining the security of your information throughout every transaction. We retain personal information provided by non-registered users with the same level of confidentiality and usage as that of registered users.

Additional Information We Collect

Our platform,, along with third-party associates such as advertisers and content providers, may collect statistical data during your site usage. Such data can encompass geographic and online navigation details (like previous URLs visited, IP addresses, domain types such as .com or .ae), browser specifications, language of content access, geographic and telecom area code of the user's location, website navigation history, clicked advertisements, and any search terms used on our site. This information is not employed to personally identify you and may be gathered irrespective of your registration status with

All telephonic conversations with and email correspondences are recorded and stored for quality control and service improvement purposes. During these interactions, additional personal data may be collected.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are diminutive text documents that accumulate data regarding visitors to websites without identifying the individual. Through cookies, we collect non-personal information like IP and URL addresses, as well as the timing of visits to our site. Employed by the majority of commercial websites, cookies enhance your online experience. They allow us to present you with the most pertinent offers, ads, and features, and enable the storing of personal preferences, such as passwords, for future visits. Your browser settings can be adjusted to notify you when cookies are being sent and to refuse all cookies while on our site. Please note that restricting cookies means you can browse and research on but will not be able to make purchases. We use cookies to monitor the prior web activity of our visitors and associated IP addresses, including search terms used, solely for traffic analysis to improve our website. Cookies do not store information in a way that allows individual identification and do not gather personal details.

The aggregate data from cookies, used for statistical analysis, is not shared with our third-party associates in any way that reveals personal details.

Our site's advertisers and content providers may also utilize cookies independently to gather data on traffic. We ensure these partners adhere to strict security and privacy protocols.

Google Utilization incorporates Google Analytics for traffic insights, provided by Google, Inc. Google's ad guidelines align with its Advertising Principles for user-friendly experiences. Find out more at: [Google's Advertising Policies] (

Google features on include:

  • Remarketing with Google AdSense

  • Google Display Network Impression Reporting

  • Demographics and Interests Reporting

  • DoubleClick Platform Integration

Together with third-party vendors, including Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, we utilize both first party (e.g., Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (e.g., DoubleClick cookie) to gather data on user interactions with ads and site services.

Purpose of Information Collection

The information is collected to customize your shopping journey, allowing for a streamlined search for desired products. It's also used to process orders efficiently (we may contact you to confirm details), for analytical purposes, to consider site enhancements, to introduce new products, and to ensure ads are customized to your preferences. We'll contact you regarding special offers and deals only with your consent.

Cookies help us determine which ads you engage with and which site areas are most visited, aiding us in identifying popular features and areas for improvement. Cookie data is not retained beyond your session unless you opt to save information like your shopping cart or password.

Information Sharing

Your identifiable information is shared with trusted third parties necessary for processing your order, such as delivery services and payment processors, all of whom maintain stringent confidentiality and security standards. We may disclose personal details if required by law, to safeguard's rights, or the safety of its users. Non-identifiable information, like URLs or IP addresses, may be shared with advertisers but cannot be linked to your personal details.

Product Reviews

Submitting product reviews is a choice you can make, and you might be prompted to provide them following a purchase, though it is not a mandatory activity for users. Your evaluations may be featured in the marketing initiatives of, the product's manufacturer, or any of our affiliates with whom we collaborate to serve our clientele. Should you wish to have your review withdrawn, you possess the right to request its removal at any given time by contacting our customer service department via email at Community Engagement

Similarly to product reviews, your discussions and inputs within the community sphere may be utilized by for advertising and/or promotional purposes, and also by any of our showcased brands, manufacturers, or vendors. Additionally, your comments and contributions could be employed in the promotional activities of any allied companies that we partner with to provide services to our customers. You retain the choice to engage with the community under anonymity.

Data Protection

Ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information is paramount to us. We have implemented robust security protocols to prevent unauthorized access by any third parties outside of our established circle of trusted associates. In alignment with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, we conduct periodic reviews of our IP addresses for vulnerabilities to outside intrusions and employ Secure Socket Layers (SSLs) to encrypt your data during login and payment transactions.

Your Data, Your Entitlements

You are entitled to access any portion of your personal identifiable information that we hold. To exercise this right, simply submit a written request to us. For such inquiries, please email us at, and specify your need for us to furnish you with the personal identifiable information we have on file. Additionally, you possess the right to modify any personal identifiable data we have recorded. For further information on this process, please refer to the subsequent paragraph.

Updating Your Personal Data on

Should you update or alter your personal data on, all future communications and interactions from us will utilize only the most recently submitted information. Due to our routine information back-up processes, it may not be feasible to completely expunge previous details. However, rest assured that we will refrain from using your old information for any promotional or direct customer engagement activities.

For any amendments or updates to the personal information that we have on record for you, please reach out to us via email at

Terms of Use Agreement

By signing up for and/or navigating, you acknowledge acceptance of our stated Privacy policies and do not perceive any infringement upon your rights. Please be aware that our Privacy Policy may be amended over time, and it is your duty as a user to stay informed of the latest version, as you are obliged to comply with it. Furthermore, by creating an account, you affirm your consent to be contacted through any contact details you have provided to us during or subsequent to the registration process.

Subscription Preferences offers its users the choice to subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates on special promotions and offers. If you decide at any point that you no longer wish to receive email communications from us, you may opt out by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails, or by sending an email to with a request to have your email address removed from our mailing list. To facilitate this, please include your email address in the body of your email and put "Unsubscribe" in the subject line. Your request will be actioned promptly. This action will alter the settings of your account rather than terminating your membership.

Should you want to deactivate your account, please communicate this to our Customer Service team via email, using “Cancel Account” as the subject. Following this, your account will be closed, and we will expunge your personal information from our records within 28 days. Note that we cannot guarantee the removal of your personal details from the databases of our trusted partners.

For Google-served advertising, you have the ability to customize your ad settings on the Google Ad Settings page. Should you wish to opt out of such advertising, you can do so via the Network Advertising Initiative opt out page, or by implementing the Google Analytics Opt Out Browser add-on for a more permanent solution.

Safety Measures

At, safeguarding your account credentials, personal data, and transaction details is a priority. We’re readily available to address any security inquiries. Should you have further questions or require clarification beyond this document, please reach out to us via email at

Authentication Procedures

To secure your data during login and payment on, we implement Secure Socket Layers (SSLs), which safeguard your information by encrypting it, thus preventing easy interception by unauthorized individuals who may have access to your computer. We strictly do not retain any of your financial information.


Your personal details are securely stored on our servers. For an in-depth understanding, please consult the “Information” collection section of this Privacy Policy.

Transaction Safety

When making payments, ensure the page URL begins with ‘https://’, signifying that your data is being transferred securely via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Our commitment to transaction security includes employing industry-standard encryption methods, keeping unauthorized entities from accessing your payment information. Additionally, we have implemented verification services like secure code features for Visa and Mastercard holders on

Anti-Phishing and Web Fraud

Phishing is the deceitful practice of soliciting confidential information by pretending to be a trustworthy entity. Occasionally, we might reach out to our customers to validate information pertinent to their orders, such as delivery addresses or contact numbers. If you're uncertain about the authenticity of an email purportedly from, please verify with our Customer Service Team before responding to ensure the legitimacy of our communication.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are minor text files that your computer archives upon visiting particular websites. At, cookies are utilized to tailor your user experience and monitor traffic patterns. These cookies do not amass any personally identifiable data. Purchases on our platform require cookies to be enabled. For further insights into our use of cookies, please see the “Cookies” section of this Privacy Policy.

Get in Touch

For inquiries, please email us at or dial +971566946563. Our goal is to answer all emails within a 48-hour timeframe. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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