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Powerful products for every woman!

Our Story:

When passion meets purpose.
Enroush is a brand born out of a desire for change and a commitment to uplifting women everywhere. It all started with a simple yet powerful idea: to break the silence surrounding menstruation and provide women with the care and support they truly deserve. We're here to celebrate the beauty and strength of womanhood, and to ensure that every woman feels empowered and confident during her menstrual cycle. At Enroush, we're dedicated to offering intimate care that not only protects women's health but also honors their dignity and individuality. So join us on this journey, where passion meets purpose, and together, let's embrace the power of positivity and change.
Enroush was founded by women for women. It is more than just a brand; it represents a movement towards a modern approach to menstruation. Our mission is to challenge societal stigmas, promote self-care, and provide affordable and healthy menstrual products for all women.
We've teamed up with gynecologists and dermatologists to craft something truly special: a line of 100% organic cotton pads and tampons tailored to your comfort. Say goodbye to plastic, dioxins, perfumes, and all those synthetic fibers you'd rather avoid. Our mission? To redefine intimate care with pure ingredients you can trust. It's all about revolutionizing the way women experience their periods-making it safer, simpler, and more natural. Welcome to a new era of confidence and reliability in every cycle.
We are proud pioneers in crafting absorbents and tampons exclusively from 100% organic and sustainable cotton, adorned with the purity of a clean label. Yet, beyond the products, we embody a transformation fueled by our deep affection for you - our cherished community. Together, we courageously advocate for open dialogue and embrace a fresh chapter in the journey of menstruation.
Our Mission: Ensuring Women's Well-being with Safe Menstrual Products
Our promise:
Curated for your comfort. Crafted by women, for women.
High Quality
Our products were crafted to meet the most stringent standards, utilizing GOTS certified cotton and manufactured in ISO 9001 and BRC certified facilities.
Backed by Science
Our products are meticulously crafted by leading experts in Germany, Belgium, and Spain. Each product undergoes rigorous dermatological testing and is approved by gynecologists for your peace of mind.
As advocates for Mother Nature, our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment and establish an open and honest supply chain.
We provide affordable menstrual care that promotes health and wellness, aiming to make organic products accessible to all women by closing the affordability gap.
Ingredients: Kind to the Planet and Your Body