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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your frequently asked questions answered here. Discover additional information about ENROUSH's organic tampons, pads, liners, discounts, delivery options, and subscription details.
Why choose ENROUSH liners?

Versatile Protection: Suitable for daily use, spotting, light flow days, or as backup during heavy periods.
Premium Materials: Crafted with a 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton top sheet and a natural plant-based core.
Hypoallergenic and Gentle: Approved by gynaecologists, our liners are gentle on the skin and ideal for sensitive areas.
Enhanced Security: Provides extra security during heavy period days when used with internal protection.
All-Day Freshness: Keeps you feeling dry and clean, whether it's sweat, daily discharge, or spotting.
Reliable Comfort: Thin and discreet design ensures comfort and confidence throughout the day.

What materials are used to make ENROUSH liners?

Our ENROUSH liners are crafted solely from natural components. Our top sheet is created from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, while the absorbent core is made from chlorine-free natural wood pulp. The back sheet is composed of bio polyethylene, and our adhesives are both non-toxic and biodegradable. Even our individual wrapping is made from bio-degradable PE, and our packaging is contained in carton boxes. There are absolutely no chemicals or undisclosed ingredients used in our production.

What materials are used to make the ENROUSH panty liners with individual packaging?

Our commitment to transparency is evident in our use of ingredients for both our liners and their packaging:

Back sheet: Made from bio-based polyethylene for leak-proof protection
Adhesive: Non-toxic and individually applied
Wrapping: Crafted from bio-based polyethylene
Box: Constructed from carton material.

Are ENROUSH liners hypoallergenic?

Absolutely! Our ENROUSH cotton pads are:
Hypoallergenic and pH balanced, perfect for those with sensitive skin.
Natural and organic: ensuring a gentle and safe experience during your period.
Dermatologist and gynecologist approved: health specialists guarantee for Enroush pads safety and efficacy.

Do ENROUSH liners possess wings?

ENROUSH liners are designed without wings, instead utilizing a body-fit design. This ensures exceptional absorbency and a secure fit, even during your most active moments.

What is the recommended frequency for changing my liner?

We recommend changing your liners at least twice a day, or more frequently if they become damp.

What are the dimensions of ENROUSH liners?

ENROUSH liners are available in a standard size and offer medium absorbency. Their ultra-thin design conforms to every curve, providing a comfortable and discreet wearing experience.

What is the proper way to utilize a liner?

First and foremost, always ENSURE THAT YOU WASH YOUR HANDS before handling any product that will come into contact with your vulva. Next, take off the individual packaging and protective foil from the back of the daily pad. Then, securely PLACE THE DAILY PAD onto your underwear with the adhesive tape facing down. Once used, DISCARD THE WRAPPER in the bin or use it to wrap and dispose of the used daily pad. To prevent any potential allergic reactions, it is recommended to CHANGE YOUR DAILY PADS twice a day, or more frequently if they become wet.

Where are ENROUSH liners manufactured?

Our liners are meticulously crafted in Spain, adhering to the utmost standards of excellence. Each production unit holds an ISO 9001 certification, and all of our facilities boast BRC certifications for safety and design.

Menstrual patches
What is the mechanism behind the thermal therapy provided by ENROUSH thermal patches?

Heat treatment is effective in reducing muscle discomfort by promoting blood circulation in the targeted area. This increase in temperature helps alleviate pain. Our ENROUSH thermal patches are specifically designed to generate heat for a duration of 8 hours.

Is it possible for me to utilize the thermal patch even when I am not on my menstrual cycle?

Absolutely! ENROUSH thermal patches are effective in providing relief for premenstrual symptoms and muscle pains, especially during ovulation. Additionally, they can also be used for alleviating shoulder, cervical, and lumbar pain.

Is it possible to warm up a previously used ENROUSH patch?

Unfortunately, the patch cannot be reactivated or reheated once the ingredients have been activated and the heating effect has dissipated. It is important to note that attempting to heat the patch in a microwave can result in an explosion. Therefore, we advise properly disposing of the patch after use.

Is it possible to directly apply the patch onto the skin?

Avoid any direct contact with a heat source, as even a low temperature can result in burns and discomfort. Our ENROUSH patches emit a sufficient amount of heat to ensure that you will experience a soothing sensation, even when worn under your clothing.

I unintentionally damaged the ENROUSH patch. Is it still wearable?

Do not use the patch if it is damaged or broken. Dispose of the contents by either throwing them on the ground or in the trash. In case of skin or eye contact with the patch contents, rinse the affected area with water and seek medical attention.

Intimate Gel
Is it safe for me to use the ENROUSH intimate gel with my sensitive skin?

Indeed, the intimate gel is appropriate for all skin types, even those that are sensitive. Its composition, consisting of natural components, balances the pH of the intimate region and reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions or irritations.

I have come across varying perspectives regarding intimate gels. What sets ENROUSH apart from others?

It can be quite perplexing, but it's important to be aware. Numerous shower and intimate wash products available nowadays contain chemicals that can disrupt the pH balance of the genital region. Our recommendation? If you don't feel the need for an intimate wash, then simply refrain from using one! Our goal is to provide a secure alternative for your body, specifically designed for your vulva, and made from natural ingredients. ENROUSH has developed a unique formula, consisting of 95% natural components, in collaboration with dermatologists and gynecologists.

Is it safe to use the intimate gel if my secretions have an odor?

Natural vaginal secretions have an acidic odor, but it is important to seek advice from a gynecologist if you detect any changes in the usual smell. The ENROUSH intimate gel is not designed to conceal or disguise the scent of secretions.

Is it permissible to use the intimate gel while I am on my period?

Absolutely! Utilize lukewarm water and the ENROUSH intimate gel, which contains a gentle, natural, and delicate formula specifically designed for your vulva. This formula will not disrupt the natural flora and will help prevent fungal infections.

Is it possible for me to place the gel inside the vagina?

The vaginal area has a self-cleaning mechanism, making it unnecessary to wash or insert any gel into the vagina. In fact, we strongly advise against vaginal washing as it can disrupt the natural balance of vaginal bacteria. Instead, we recommend using ENROUSH intimate gel, which is specifically designed to delicately cleanse the vulva and its surrounding areas.

What is the maximum number of times per day that I can apply the intimate gel?

The ENROUSH gel is suitable for daily use, ideally once a day. It can be incorporated into your intimate hygiene regimen, but it is important to use it in moderation. Overusing any cleansing gel in the intimate region can lead to dryness and irritation.

Is it possible to apply the gel to the entire body?

The ENROUSH intimate gel is suitable for use on the entire body. Its formula consists of 95% natural ingredients, carefully chosen to maintain the balance of the delicate vulva area. This makes it safe for use as a body gel, even on sensitive skin.

How are the health of the vulva, urinary tract, and vagina connected?

The external environment of the vulva has the potential to impact the internal environment of the vagina. A balanced pH level is crucial for maintaining a healthy vagina. The ENROUSH intimate wash is specifically designed for the vulva and is made with natural ingredients to provide a gentle cleanse and nourishment, without causing harm to the vaginal and urinary health.

What is ENROUSH subscription?

In simple terms, ENROUSH subscription offers a hassle-free way to manage your periods. With just a few clicks, you can have a personalized period box delivered to your doorstep at the frequency of your choice. You have the freedom to select the products you need, such as pads, tampons, and liners, in the sizes that best suit your flow and lifestyle. Here's what you need to do:
1. Choose your products. You can do this from the Subscription Page on the menu or from each product's shopping page. Simply add the items you need, whether it's pads, tampons, liners, or all of them.
2. Customize your flow. Select the quantity, sizes, and delivery frequency that works best for you.
3. Modify anytime. Your needs may change, and so can your subscription. You can pause or make changes to your subscription without any additional cost.
You can view your recurring payment before checking out, ensuring complete transparency.

What are the benefits of subscribing to ENROUSH?

At ENROUSH, we believe that periods should be a time for self-care and prioritizing your well-being. That's why we have designed a subscription service just for you, taking the hassle out of finding healthy period products at the last minute. It's simple: choose your preferred products and have them delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis. With options for sizes, quantities, delivery locations, and times, our subscription plan makes it easy for you to switch to organic menstrual care. Say goodbye to stressful periods and hello to months of convenience and peace of mind with ENROUSH.

What is the process for automatic subscription payment?

After choosing your desired products and proceeding to checkout, the total cost will be automatically calculated. This amount will remain fixed and will be charged to your bank account on a recurring basis every month or every other month, depending on the delivery schedule you have selected.

When can I expect my card to be charged?

Your credit card will be billed on the same date as your order placement, either monthly or every other month, depending on the chosen delivery option.

Is it possible for me to personalize items within my subscription?

You have the option to modify or alter your subscription at any point. Cancellation is permitted after the third delivery of your subscription.

Is it possible for me to modify my subscription? If so, how can I do so?

To access your subscription, simply log in to the My Account section. From there, you can easily view your subscription and make any necessary changes to your upcoming period box up to 15 days before your scheduled ship date. Please note that there are no fees for pausing or updating your subscription.

What is the process for skipping a shipment?

To access the My Account section, simply sign in and you will have access to your subscription information. Within this section, you have the ability to temporarily pause your subscription up to 15 days prior to your upcoming shipping date. You can pause it for a maximum of 3 consecutive months. When you're ready to resume, simply un-pause it at no additional cost.

When should I make modifications to ensure that I meet the deadline for my upcoming subscription?

You have the option to temporarily stop your subscription 15 days prior to your upcoming shipping date.

What happens if I cannot remember my log-in information?

It's completely fine, we all have moments where we forget our login information :) Simply click on the My Account icon in the top menu and select the "Forgot your password?" button. This will bring up the reset password page where you can enter your email address and click submit. Instructions will be sent to your email, just follow them and create a new password for your ENROUSH account.

How can I locate my account?

To access your personal ENROUSH account, simply click on the LOGIN button located at the top right corner of the main page. If you are already logged in, you will be directed to your account. Otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your email and account password. In case you have forgotten your login information, please refer to the "Forgot my log-in details?" section in the FAQ for step-by-step instructions.

Orders, Payments & Delivery
Can I buy ENROUSH products in store?

Currently, ENROUSH products are exclusively available for purchase online. However, we are actively working to expand our collaborations and make our products accessible in brick-and-mortar locations. We are committed to extending our reach and aim to have our products available in stores throughout the UAE soon.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

You can pay for ENROUSH orders placed on our websites using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, or PayPal. Additionally, we offer the option for cash on delivery.

Is it possible for me to alter my payment method?

It is possible to modify your existing payment method within the personal account area. Simply click on the "Manage subscription" button to do so.

How do you deliver?

We offer the option of delivery through postal or courier services, depending on the delivery location. You will see all available shipping methods during checkout and can select the one that suits your requirements.

What is the price for delivery?

The shipping fee differs for every country, however, all available delivery choices and charges have been adjusted to the most economical rate to ensure accessibility for all.

What would happen if I accidentally submitted the incorrect address?

There is no need to worry, simply send us an email at ORDERS@ENROUSH.COM at your earliest convenience. Please include your order number and provide us with your updated address. We will ensure that your period box is delivered to the correct location.

How can I modify or cancel my order?

Gain access to the My Account section and easily access your order history. From here, you have the ability to modify or terminate your order up to 15 days prior to your scheduled shipping date. There are no charges for cancellations or changes!

What should I do if my item did not arrive or if it arrived in a damaged condition?

If your ENROUSH experience falls short of your expectations, we are equally dissatisfied. Please reach out to us at ORDERS@ENROUSH.COM and include your order number along with a description of your concern. We will do our utmost to address and resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Is it possible for me to return or exchange ENROUSH products?

Although we have great confidence in our products and believe you will love them as much as we do, we recognize that sometimes things don't work out. However, due to the personal nature of our items, we are unable to accept returns if the packaging has been opened. Therefore, we do allow returns or exchanges for our ENROUSH menstrual products, but only if the box remains sealed.

What is the mechanism behind discount codes?

To apply your discount codes, simply enter them into your shopping cart underneath the order summary. The final total for shipping, discounts, and taxes will be determined at checkout based on the code you have entered.

Where do you ship?

We currently offer shipping throughout all of UAE, with the exception of certain remote areas where couriers may not reach. For more information on shipping details and coverage, please visit our website at Additionally, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we expand our shipping to your area!

How can I monitor the progress of my order?

After your order is shipped, you will receive an email containing a tracking code and instructions on how to track your package.

Is my information safe?

We value your privacy and have taken measures to ensure its protection. Our data collection process has been carefully designed to safeguard the privacy of our consumers. Rest assured, we will not disclose your personal information to anyone.

Can I resell the products purchased from ENROUSH?

In principle, the distribution and redistribution of Enroush products is a selective process, as the distributor must meet several legal and logistical requirements as minimum conditions. Therefore, Enroush does not grant the right to resale its products under its brand to any other individuals outside of its authorized distributors. We do not recommend the resale or purchase of Enroush products from other suppliers who are not Enroush Authorized Suppliers, in order to ensure the quality, health, and safety of our customers. Any violation of this rule may result in civil and criminal liability for those who infringe upon Enroush's rights.

Free Period Care
What does the ENROUSH FREE PERIOD CARE program entail?

This program offers you the opportunity to receive ENROUSH products at no cost by recommending us to your friends. Simply register an account on and click on the widget located at the bottom right of the site to obtain your personalized referral link. Join us in promoting eco-friendly and ethical period care within your community and be rewarded for your valuable support!

What is the process for sharing my referral link?

Spread the word about our natural and healthy period care by adding your referral link to your social media bio, or by sharing it through email or messaging apps. By doing so, you can inspire and empower your female community to make a positive change in their period care routine.

What are the benefits of the ENROUSH FREE PERIOD CARE program?

By supporting our cause and helping us spread the word, you can earn rewards from ENROUSH. For every 3 friends who make a purchase using your referral link, you will receive 1 box of ENROUSH period products of your choice. If 6 friends make a purchase through your link, you will receive 3 boxes of products. And for every 12 friends who purchase through your link, you will be rewarded with a one-year supply of ENROUSH period products of your choice. Thank you for your support and for helping us make a positive impact.

What benefits do my friends get from the ENROUSH FREE PERIOD CARE program?

Thanks to your referral, your friends will receive a 10% discount on their initial purchase! Not only will you be able to obtain ENROUSH items at no cost, but you will also be contributing to a worthwhile cause. Additionally, your friends will have access to exceptional products and savings thanks to your recommendation.

Is it possible for me to utilize my social media profiles to distribute the referral link?

Absolutely! Share your referral link on your social media bio, include it in your posts, or send it as a private message to your closest friends. By doing so, you can inspire your female community to make a meaningful change towards a more natural and healthy approach to period care.